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TV/ Activation: Problems You Can Face with This Netflix Alternative

If you love watching online series, movies, news, and other entertainment sources for free, then you may have stumbled on TV. As an American-based free streaming service, TV at tubi.tv/activate has gained quite a popularity among online viewers while trying to compete with industry giants like Netflix and Hulu. 

Instead of asking for credit card details, monthly subscription fees, or user login, TV content is giving out all the content for free of cost. In exchange for free entertainment, TV only asks you to sit through the commercial here and there, but who wouldn’t do it for free content, right? In short, it is a must to have service for your TV. 

Activation issues you can face with this free alternative

Facing Tubi.tv/activate issues that are stopping you from enjoying free unlimited? Well, you are not the only one, and that’s we have already prepared the list of TV activation issues based on the experience of previous users along with the necessary steps to resolve them: 

How do I sign-up for a TV account? 

Unlike its competitors, TV doesn’t require any sign-up to enjoy the content. All, you have to do is visit tubi.com and choose the content you want to want. However, if you still want to sign-up and create a free account to further enhance your experience, then you can easily do it by following the below steps: 

Step 1: Open the TV app 

Step 2: Select the register or link account on the page. Once done a tubi.tv/activate code will display on the screen 

Step 3: Use the chrome of your mobile phone or laptop to visit tubi.com/activate

Step 4: Choose to sign-up with an email address or Facebook account.

Step 5: Fill out all the empty fields displayed with the appropriate information.

Step 6: Click on sign-up

Step 7: Enter the activation code you have received earlier.

Step 8: Click ‘submit’ and you are good to go.

See, how easy it was. However, if you are facing issues completing the above steps, then dial —————, and an expert will be there to assist you.  

How do I sign in to Roku? 

Tubi has a long list of apps available on both iOS and Android devices. This can be used for smartphones and tabs to TV activate anytime anywhere. In case, if you are a loyal Roku user, then you can sign in to the device by following these steps: 

Step 1: Turn on your Roku device

Step 2: From the home screen search and find the TV app 

Step 3: Use the left directional arrow button on your remote, page over the left of the Tubi home screen. A navigation column will appear with options like categories, sign-in, setting, etc. similar to the attached screenshot-

Activate your tubi
Enter your activation code and login

Step 4: To Click on sign-in option and you will see the screen with the activation code on Roku TV.

Step 5: To enter the code, visit www.tubitv.com/activate sign in via the browser. 

Step 6: Once done you will be directed to a different screen where you can enter the activation code received earlier on the Roku screen. 

Step 7: Submit the code and the screen will automatically update. Enjoy streaming on Roku. 

How do I resolve the Activation code issue- all platforms? 

Activate your tubi

Facing issues with your tubi.tv/activate code? Don’t worry they are easy to resolve. All you have to do is note down the activation code that appears on the screen of the device you are using to sign-up or activate your current account. Once you get the code open the tubi.tv/activate sign in via browser on a separate device. 

After signing-up or logging-in enter, the activation code and the screen of your device will automatically update. 

In the end, most of the above tubi.tv/activate issues are minor, but if left unattained they can become a hurdle between you and your seamless experience with TV. These tubi.com/activate issues require direct assistance from the experts which you can easily acquire by dialling.